Dr. Andrew Batsis, Husband! Dentist! Kiwanian! Santa Claus?

This is a sample from Kathi's debut book:


Kathi: "It's 6 o'clock, And. Time to eat." 

No response ... Andy's asleep seated in front of the television. Kathi nudges him-no response. She listens for breathing, feels his neck, and phones 911.

Agent: "What is the nature of the emergency?"

Kathi: "I can't wake my husband, his neck is warm, but I can't hear him breathing." 

Agent: "Where are you located?" 

Kathi tells the 911 operator their address.

Agent: "Can you do CPR?" 

Kathi: "No."

Agent: "I'll talk you through CPR while the paramedics come. Is he on the floor?" 

Kathi: "No." 

Agent: "You need to place him on the floor." 

Kathi: "He's too heavy." 

Agent: "Is there someone in the house that can help you?" 

Kathi: "No, but I can get the neighbors," walking out the door. 

Agent: "What's their telephone number?" 

Kathi: "It's faster I go over there than take time to look up their number," knocking on the door ... "Betty." 

Betty: "Yes, Kathi." 

Kathi: "I need Bernie to help me with Andy in the office." 

Bernie: "What's the matter?" 

A paramedic arrives and heads towards them.. 

Kathi to paramedic: "No. This way." 

They follow her into the home office. 

Kathi into cell phone: "The paramedic's arrived. Thanks for your help." 

The paramedic gets Andy on the floor and begins CPR. Betty and Bernie sit in the waiting room when more paramedics and a police officer arrive. He asks Kathi questions while the three paramedics work on resuscitating Andy. 

From the death certificate: The immediate cause of death a. Acute Myocardial Infarction; Due to ( or as a consequence of) b. Diabetes Milletus; Due to ( or as a consequence of) c. Obesity. Date of death: April 20, 2005. Time of death: 6:02 pm.

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